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Why Wedding Photographers Charge a Hefty Price

Needless to say, the wedding season was in full swing in 2016, and newly engaged couples have already started looking for wedding vendors for their 2017 weddings. The thing is, whether it’s now or 10 years back, nine out of ten couples want their wedding to be photographed by a professional photographer. But even now, most couples are unaware of wedding photography costs, what it does and what goes on the background of the work they are produced with. Well, this post will help outline how much time, effort and money wedding photographers in Brisbane put in the final product.

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The job of photographers has been hugely glorified in the media and several television shows. Everyone seems to have this glorified view what the job of a photographer is like. For most of you, photographers sit at their computers all week in the pj’s, then work 7-8 hours on a wedding day and suddenly make a lot of money. Well, this is not at all how photographers work.

In actual fact, it is common for a professional wedding photographer to spend anywhere from 40 – 70 hours work on a wedding. Think about it – from the initial conversations and or meetings, contact throughout the year, to the actual wedding day coverage, which is always more than the quoted time, to storage and backup of images taken on the day, to the editing phase (usually 5 – 7 times the hours spent at the wedding go into professional image editing), then more backup of the final images, then preparation for delivery. This is a lot of time spent on wedding coverage for clients. The actual wedding day is only a part of the whole effort that goes into professional wedding photography. In reality, the hourly rate a professional wedding photographer makes is comparable to many mid-range professionals and generally only can earn it on one day, sometimes two and very rarely three times a week if they get lucky! Mechanics and other professionals and other professionals can earn their keep 6 days a week in comparison

In addition to being photographers, they are also small business owners. They have the responsibility to not only market their business but also create their own websites; manage clients, be their own IT department, learning on a constant basis, blog, research and the list go on.

Most wedding photographers spend thousands of dollars in acquiring training, attending seminars, getting the right camera gear and other equipment so that their clients can get the best photos.

So once you have digested all this knowledge, what happens next?

The beautifully edited images also require state of the art computer equipment that has to be maintained. Professional editing and cataloging programs such as Photoshop, Aperture, and Lightroom have ongoing costs while backup systems to keep images files secure must be maintained. Not of these things come cheap.

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creative wedding photography Brisbane bridal party

Most wedding reception venues ask the photographers to provide a proof of insurance. This liability insurance doesn’t come cheap either. All reputed photographers register themselves as a business in the state they are operating in which means they also owe taxes to the government.

If you have found a Sunshine Coast photographer through directory sites or Google search, it costs a lot of money to advertise on those sites. Similarly, all those stunning websites where the photographer posts their pictures comes with a hefty fee as well.       

So it’s quite evident that the amount that most of the photographers’ charge is well worth it. If you want quality wedding pictures, you will have to invest considerably.

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