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Wilson Weddings Photography website is owned and operated by Brisbane photographer John Wilson trading as John Wilson Photography (JWP). All material featured on the site, including but not limited to, photographic images, text, illustrations, moving images, graphics, sound, is owned by Wilson Weddings Photography and JWP. The web site’s elements including but not limited to the overall design and elements are protected by copyright relating to intellectual property laws and moral rights. No portion of this website or any of its content may be retransmitted or copied in any way without the express permission in writing from the site’s owner, John Wilson. Unauthorized use of the site or its content or misuse of the conditions, by you, shall have you indemnify Wilson Weddings Photography and John Wilson against any losses, expenses, damages and costs associated with these actions.

Bookings and Refunds for wedding photography bookings.

DEPOSITS – Initial deposits made to John Wilson Photography are considered booking deposits to secure our services for your wedding event on the date indicated. Please note that wedding photography deposits up to $1200 are not refundable as your  booking deposit secures your wedding date and we dont take further bookings once a deposit is paid. Amounts paid as booking deposits will be deducted from the overall cost of our wedding service being supplied. Conditions apply in relation to refunds and no refunds due to late cancellation of my photography service.  Booking Deposits are non-refundable and deposit amounts required are clearly stated on the agreement form clients receive. Clients have 14 days from the agreement delivery to accept or decline this agreement and client acceptance of the booking is understood by me when the first payment is paid regardless of the agreement being signed within the 14 day period.

Booking deposits made to Wilson Weddings Photography and JWP are nonrefundable. If wedding photography booking is canceled within 12 weeks of the wedding date and alternative date not arranged or unable to be arranged due to our schedules a maximum of 15% only refund of monies paid may be due other than booking deposit. For cancellations outside of the 12 weeks, time period refunds will be assessed on the proximity of the date of cancellation to the wedding date and work done in preparation for the wedding and a percentage of any money paid less the booking deposit will be made. Work in preparation for the wedding may involve consultation with clients and associated parties involved with the wedding, location scouting, telephone calls, emailing, research and any time spent by Wilson Weddings Photography/JWP in planning the wedding photography. This time is calculated at Wilson Weddings Photography/JWP current hourly rate at the time of cancellation. Please contact John for more information.

Wedding Agreements

All our clients receive a wedding agreement form that lists the package details, total cost, deposit required and balance left to pay. We also include our terms and conditions, customized to the specific wedding event, with the agreement. It is the client responsibility to thoroughly read these documents before signing. Once signed by clients this is the sole agreement and terms under which we will complete the work. 

Delivery of final products

We aim to have the editing of clients wedding photos ready in approximately 8-10 weeks. Our editing process is an important and detailed part of creating the look and feel of our wedding photography. Please be patient with this. We would rather spend extra time creating excellent images than quickly dumping low-quality images onto a USB and sending them off. Depending on our workloads at the time we may be quicker with our editing but our quality always takes precedence.

Digital Files and Delivery

It is the client responsibility to safely store and make a backup of the digital files from their wedding coverage we deliver to them. If we have supplied images on a USB drive and the supplied USB drive fails within 12 months of the wedding date we can supply the images on a standard USB drive. Wedding images are only kept by John Wilson Photography for 12 months from the wedding date. Wedding images are no longer available after this period. 

Album Production

The album production is a consultative process and can take several months to complete orders. It is the client’s responsibility to reply to our production emails and choose photos in a timely manner for work to proceed without interruption and/or delay. Only photos we have taken can be included in albums we produce. Clients that decide not to choose photos to be used in their album must accept the design we produce for them. Changes can be made in some circumstances at additional cost. Redesign of pages is $75 per page and must be paid before your album will be produced. If after 6 months of no contact clients wish to discuss their album, extra costs will be associated for reinstating album orders and relisting of clients album design details on this website. If 12 months or more pass we assume client no longer wants their album and all files and design work are deleted. There is no refund for unclaimed services or products.


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