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Professional Photographer John Wilson at work for Time Magazine


Learn more about the photographer that will create your wonderful wedding photos.

Please read on to know some more and get a feel for Professional Photographer John Wilson, Owner and Chief Photographer at Wilson Weddings Photography.

John is a career professional photographer. He not only runs a busy wedding photography business in Australia and Internationally but also works as photojournalist, TV cameraman and commercial photographer.

In a career spanning more than 25 years, John has documented stories for major publications in more than 40 countries. John’s work internationally on breaking news stories in countries such as Somalia, Sudan, East Timor, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sri Lanka and the Philippines to name a few has given him the credentials of a Master News photojournalist. He has even worked as a documentary photographer for the famous Time Magazine in New York and continues to work for major news publications and TV networks.

John Wilson photographer working in South Sudan
John Wilson photographer on assignment in Sudan

Photo at left shows Photographer John Wilson on assignment for Time Magazine in East Timor.

From John

You can see from the words above that I offer my clients a very experienced skill set of Professional Photography that is impossible to match.

Working as a news photojournalist, I’ve been shot at, held against my will, arrested, had to escape, almost blown up, almost died from malaria (3 times!) and nearly froze to death. I’ve survived melting deserts, smothering jungles, biblical floods and obliterating winds and during all this met incredible souls in incredible places all in the work of documenting stories! What an eventful career 🙂

Photographer John Wilson on assignment in Southern Philippines
John Wilson photographer working for Time Magazine in the Southern Philippines.

You can see some of my published work below but the takeaway from all this is that you are hiring the complete professional photographer for your wedding and not someone that’s been doing weekend happy snaps with hubby for a few years to earn some extra cash. I get as excited today about my next job, wedding or other, as I did when I first started working professionally and I really feel grateful that I can and continue to approach my work this way.

If you want to see some more of my professional photography from around the world you can take a look at my Instagram account here: https://www.instagram.com/backstoryphoto/



John Wilson Photojournalist at work in East Timor

Who is a Wedding Photographer?

Understanding great wedding photography you either have to be in a wedding or you have to shoot plenty to understand how difficult it is. It’s trying to create perfection in an imperfect world.When choosing a wedding photographer your not only hiring for technical skill but you’re in essence hiring a director. We do more than just light, pose and compose but we set the tone and emotion, create the scene, problem solve, juggle the schedule, infuse a positive working environment, direct the action to achieve the photographer’s vision. Inexperienced photographers usually have no or very little vision or repeat the same shots over and over, a great photographer creates a new storyline with every wedding depending on the unique qualities of the couple, interaction with their bridal party and setting or location, etc. 

International Award Winning Wedding Photographer!!

Published Work

Below are examples of my published work as a news photojournalist and documentary photographer.


And then there are Weddings… 🙂

Apart from my extensive experience, you will also find that I have a minimum of fuss and friendly approach to the work I will be doing for you. I’ve been documenting people’s stories in one way or another my entire career and I always enjoy engaging with people and hearing their stories!

Let’s catch up

Go on. Tell me about your wedding day. It’s exciting, its special and I want to know about your plans so we get to make some stunning photos together. I know I can do it for you!

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