Bride stands on the wrong side

What happens when the Bride stands on the wrong side during the wedding ceremony?

I hope you Brides to Be are sitting down when you read this revelation!!

I’ve photographed many weddings here in Brisbane and Queensland Australia as well as internationally and 99 percent of the time the wedding ceremony has the bride to the left of the Groom and I have always thought this to be a solid rule of procedure,

Turns out it isn’t. Did you know that in a regular celebrant wedding there is no rule or law that says the Bride must be on the left of her Groom during the ceremony? I can see you are all totally gobsmacked by this !!

Photography by John Wilson

It doesn’t matter which side you stand on or the celebrant stands on during your wedding ceremony.

Photography by John Wilson

But seriously, there is no rule of law that you must follow as to where you stand in relation to each other during your ceremony. Even in a Brisbane Church! but the difference here is that protocol steeped in tradition dictates the ceremony structure and try arguing with the parish Priest and you can forget about being married in Church.

Photography by John Wilson

Church ceremonies will always follow strict protocol but there is no rule of law saying the Bride must be on the left of the Groom.

The history of how the ceremony structure came about is quite a laugh but I’m sure it wasn’t back in the day. It turns out that back in olden times in ancient Germany and in an effort to prevent inbreeding in villages the men would travel to neighbouring villages to find suitable partners and kidnap their wife to be with the help of a valued friend “Best Man”. Back at the Grooms village a ceremony would take place with the kidnapped Bride on the Grooms left leaving his right side free with access to his sword in the event he needed to fend off angry relatives of the Bride. The Best Man would be at the Groom’s side during the ceremony to keep watch for impending trouble and protect the Groom.

So there it is. You can stand on either side for your wedding ceremony with the exception of a Church where tradition would be followed. I hope this little history lesson helps and please get in touch if you would like to discuss some wedding photography ideas for you Brisbane wedding or Sunshine Coast wedding.

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